Here are some first hand accounts from some of my most recent students about their progress after hiring me and what it’s like to be my student and a part of the student community.


Student 1 – Mark (100NL Zoom)

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I’ve done so many lessons with Mark I feel like I know him in real life. This was a player with a good logical poker mind who had just picked up too many bad habits from poor coaching and tuition in the past. Mark’s mental game was initially shattered due to a lack of confidence in his ability. It just shows how easy it is to learn the wrong things from the wrong people and find yourself in poker turmoil.

Throughout our 25 lessons we restored his confidence bit by bit. The technical game and the mental game are often so closely linked. Progress in one leads to immediate progress in the other. It’s easier to learn when you’re calm and confident. It’s easier to be calm and confident when you’re learning.

Mark went from struggling to break even at 25NL to someone who confidently takes shots at 200NL Zoom on Pokerstars: one of the toughest games, on the internet in this day and age!

“I contacted Pete for coaching about a year ago. At this time I was a struggling 25nl player and knew I needed someone to help improve my game. I contacted Pete and booked in his Bumper 25 Lesson Package as I wanted someone to stay with me, and guide me over time. And that’s exactly what Pete did. He set up regular times and every session supported me and helped me grow my game. The biggest thing was, how reliable Pete was and how much he seemed to care about making me a winning player. I have dealt with coaches in the past who struggle to make sessions and cancel and basically feel like it’s a chore to get through the session, but Pete is so different. Pete took me through everything, every spot, every thought process and taught me how to be a winning player.

I knew right from the get go that Pete was highly professional. He used a number of questions to really diagnose where my game was at, and the where we could improve. Starting from the big stuff then gradually working down to the finetuning. And it worked. I went from 25nl,  feeling unsure in every single spot without the nuts, to a now very confident player at 100nl and shotting 200nl. Cannot thank Pete enough. His book alone, The Grinder’s Manual is the best poker book I have read and getting the author to coach me personally was the best poker decision I have made. I can not recommend him enough!

Thanks Pete you legend!! Unfortunately I can’t post a graph before coaching due to database issues, but trust me, they were dark times! This is my graph since coaching commenced. It is primarily 25nl and 50nl with some 100nl/200nl towards the end!”

Mark Graph.png



Student 1 – Argos (stakes 50-100NL)


I started working with Argos in 2015 (no he’s not a dog, this is just an avatar.) We’ve now done over 15 coaching sessions online, worked together in person and have managed to completely turn his game around. When I first met Argos, I knew we had our work cut out in eradicating a lot of deeply engrained bad habits he’d picked up over the years of playing poker without guidance. So we got to work and set both mental game and technical game goals weekly giving him a direction he’d never had before. Progress has been steady and I’m extremely happy with where he is today and have high hopes that he will continue to succeed in the future.

“I want to show my results and give thanks to my coach Peter for turning my game totally around in a few months. I went from a 4.87BB/100 loser over 57,562 hands to a 4.36BB/100 winner over 57,504 hands. That is over 114,000 hands total and a net BB/100 change of 9.23.

Prior to coaching I was losing $2040 and since coaching winning $1660. I was a losing player at 50NL and now I am a decent winning player at 100NL. I realize that 57k of each is a decent but not a huge sample size but I can assure you that it is not that I am running good. I feel so much more clarity and understanding and can tell I’m playing a much more solid game. Peter totally revamped my game starting with my mental leaks and different types of tilt. Vendetta tilt was my worst. We also worked on the technical end of my game closing the gap in my VPIP and PFR as well as increasing my steals from late position. We are currently working on in depth 3Betting strategy and polar vs. linear ranges. On a scale of 1-10 I feel like I am only on level 2 yet of all he’s got to teach and already I’m seeing great results. I always look forward to my lessons and keep good notes in-between.

I did a lot of coaching in athletics and business and I know a good teacher when I meet one. Peter has the rare ability to not only be a great player but to convey his methods in a tangible, logical and understandable way. He is simply a great teacher and really cares about getting the point across that he is trying to convey. I, in fact, was so impressed with how well he coached that I flew him to NYC from Scotland for personal coaching. Beyond having a great time overall it was a very +EV decision for me and my win rate was very healthy in both online and  live play while he was here. That does not even take into account future earnings from the knowledge I gained and am currently applying to crush 100NL and hopefully 200 and 400 in the future.

Watching videos and reading forums is good but it only got me so far and I was still losing even on an “easy” network. The personal coaching for me was a total game changer. In addition to the obvious benefit of winning money versus losing, there is the added benefit that I have a much more profound love of the game. Although I’ve played poker all my life since I could walk basically, only in the past few months with Peter’s help have I explored the depth and complexity of this wonderful game called Hold’em.”

Argos After

Argos Beofre

Student 2 – Elliot (stakes 10-25NL)


I started working with Elliot in the spring of 2014. Since then he’s transformed his game and become a very solid winner at the micros. I anticipate that he’ll be grinding 50NL with good success in the near future.

“I have now played over 70k hands with Pete as my coach, moving from 10nl through 16nl to 25nl. I’m currently beating the game at 6bb/100 and my last two months I have been beaten the game at 12bb/100. I have taken a bank roll of $300 to over +1k. I choose to have my lessons spread over a longer period and made use of Pete’s great support in between sessions. Each lesson I was given specific goals which I incorporated into my game.
Because Pete is very experienced and has made over 150 videos for grinderschool.com, he can effectively give you 5 lessons in one by saying you need to focus on ABC points, please look at  XYZ videos. This is one of the biggest pluses in working with Pete.
The second is his student group where you post hands or concepts you been focusing on. This is totally free and there is a core group of players that can give you excellent guidance. Each player has their own skill that you might not have in your own game. Without this group of people, I would have not excelled in the way that I have. These players will be mid/low stakes grinders in the near future.
Finally, you must go into coaching with the correct mindset. It is not an over night cure. You must have the determination to put in some hard work. 
Pete is an excellent coach and a must hire. You can’t learn to drive without a driving instructor.”

E Stats

E Graph

Student 3 – Kevin (Stakes 50-100NL)

I’ve been working with Kevin for a few months now. This was an example of a player who had more than the requisite natural skill and had a very logical poker mind. Kevin’s lack of success despite lots of studying over the last few years had been down to a lack of order in his game. We went through an overhaul and cleaned up Kevin’s game like you might defragment a hard drive. We replaced disorder and too much information with just enough of the right kinds of information and put his naturally strong poker mind to better effect.

“Having studied poker on my own for a while by reading books, posting on forums, and watching training videos, I was able to  break-even at the tables, but since beginning coaching sessions with Peter, I’ve become a solid winner for the first time.

All of the information on how to beat the small stakes games is out there and available, but we often suffer from information overload. The main strength of Peter’s coaching is the way he helps you make better sense of all of that information by organizing the learning process in a systematic, step-wise fashion. Your game will be built up in a logical manner, starting with those things that will have the most immediate positive impact on your winrate, that will give you both success and confidence.

I thought about making my plug as simple as, HIRE PETER AND MAKE MONEY! That would have been fair, accurate and to the point as well!

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 15.11.16

Student 4 – Ruairi 


Ruairi has had a lot of early success since hiring me as a his coach. He definitely had a lot of potential and leaned very quickly from the get go. The problem was that as a Zoom player he just wasn’t winning enough pots or feeding the red line well enough and this was causing him to breask even. We have since fixed these leaks along with plenty more and created a very solid and winning 25NL Zoom reg. Ruairi has sinced moved up to 50NL and hope to beat that in the near future.

I started to work with Pete around a month ago now. He has really helped me to take my game to the next level. The first session was great as he really goes into a lot of detail looking at every aspect of your entire game, from how you approach your mental game to your technical understanding, before deciding where the most benefit to you will be. Initially Pete was really helpful in picking out a number of technical leaks in my game, for me personally I was just not picking up my fair share of pots and dead money.

Before working with Pete I had spent most of my study time watching videos, reading books etc. The usual stuff really. The biggest benefit I have found with coaching over the last few weeks has been a sense of focus/purpose. Pete not only helps point out your weaknesses, but he also helps you to correct them both away and at the tables.

Graph Before Coaching

Results from NL25z Sept 2015

Graph After Coaching

NL25z 16 Oct - Nov 6th

More testimonials coming soon

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